Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Survived Winter Storm Octavia

It started to snow about noon yesterday, very softly at first, but working its way up to a pretty good rate by sundown. It was still snowing at a good clip at 11 PM when we went to bed.

According to our standardized deck table, we have approximately 6 1/2 inches of snow this morning, under gray skies.  The storm seriously under-performed expectations, which had been 8-12 inches here. I don't mind, I'm still not looking forward to digging out the driveway; I expect it's just a little too thick and sticky for the leaf blower.
Despite the fact that the roads have already been plowed, the Washington Post didn't manage to deliver, but when I went out to the street to find it, I saw this Pileated Woodpecker on an Oak Tree up the street. . .
And these neighbor girls testing the snow for snowball potential (it's not very good, light, and not very sticky). The schools are closed, as is the Federal government.
The plow came by again as I was going back to the house to widen the street again.

UPDATE: The driveway is dug out, with the help of our next door neighbor and her son (Thanks Theresa and Noah) and the sun is out. It's still only in the 20s, but the sun is melting any ice left on the blacktop and street.

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