Wednesday, February 25, 2015

12 Reasons to Hate and Fear the IRS

Nothing really new here. The IRS scandal continues grinding along, with the IRS, the "Justice", and the Obama administration obstructing and obfuscating the progress to a standstill. But the TaxProf  had this article on his blog today, and it's a pretty concise and "linky" summary of the scandal, which should never be allowed to drift below the event horizon.

12 IRS Embarrassments, 6 Questions Each Taxpayer Should Ask

  1. Internal emails show these groups were targeted because IRS employees thought them “icky.”Other emails showed that Lois Lerner was conspiring with the Department of Justice to prosecute conservative groups on trumped-up charges.
  2. Lerner herself refused to testify to investigating committees and was held in contempt.
  3. That didn’t stop her from defending herself to Politico magazine and complaining about being “harassed” for her role.
  4. Then, the IRS claimed it had lost the most crucial batch of Lerner’s emails.
  5. Oh yeah, and her Blackberry was destroyed too.
  6. Six months later, the Tax Inspector General may have found those lost emails. (Still no word yet on what was in them.)Scandal events aside, the IRS showed its general incompetence in many other ways.
  7. IRS workers campaigned for political candidates while on the job.
  8. The agency awarded bonuses to its own employees who owed taxes.
  9. Guess who was audited ten times more often than the average taxpayer? Supporters of the Tea Party.
  10. The IRS illegally shared confidential, protected information with the FBI, the White House, and more.
  11. And it has the nerve to constantly ask for a raise.

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