Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How to Piss Off Your Boss

San Francisco Water Manager Faces Suspension After Seen Urinating In Reservoir
Priest Reservoir

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A $111,000-a-year San Francisco water manager will likely be suspended after he was seen urinating in a reservoir that supplies drinking water to nearly 2.5 million Bay Area residents.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Public Utilities Commission employee Martin Sanchez could receive a five day suspension without pay after the Jan. 6 incident took place at the Priest Reservoir in the Sierra foothills.

A commission insider sent the SF Chronicle an anonymous complaint that alleges a number of employees saw Sanchez urinating “several times” in the reservoir.

Utilities commission spokesman Tyrone Jue said the reservoir had been drained for maintenance at the time and poses no health danger. Still, Jue said his action were “not acceptable.”

“The bottom line is — you pee in the wrong place again, and you are toast,” Jue told the SF Chronicle.
The volume of Priest Reservoir is approximately 1950 acre feet, or 635,410,295 gallons. Assuming that Mr. Sanchez had just finished a 40 ounce Colt 45 (1.25 quarts), and was relieving the excess hydrostatic pressure therefrom, that would  amount to approximately 0.05 parts per billion urine in the water. Not to mention all the fish in the reservoir, and creek upstream, and all the wildlife that life around the reservoir and piss and shit in the water. And Priest reservoir is only one of several reservoir in the water system required to provide the San Francisco Bay with the water necessary to to support several million urban dwellers with water on demand.

Still, it's not a pretty picture. . .

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