Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

Our cold snap continues; the weather today is bright and sunny and freezing; now at 3 PM, about the warmest time of the day, the deck thermometer reads 30.1 F.  Under the relentless assault of the cold, the Chesapeake Bay is starting to freeze:

But don't just take NOAA's word for it. While I haven't been down with my camera, some of our neighbors have, and here is a view from our cliffs.

Thanks to Dan for posting this on Facebook. Looks more like Alaska than Maryland. It's the furthest out I remember it freezing in my 30 years in the area.

The Harbor is totally iced in, with thick ice, and Walleye Pete's boat is stuck fast in its slip.  No fishing for a few days anyway:

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