Thursday, February 28, 2013

That's Vice President Moron to You

Much has been written about Vice President SloJoe's advice to women that they don't need an AR-15 for self defense; that a double barreled shotgun it just the ticket, and that if they feel threatened, they should just take it outside and fire a couple of blasts into the air, to scare the hypothetical intruder, and summon aid.

This, of course, could be illegal, depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances.  Which is not necessarily worse than dying, but could be a legal hassle. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6...  It also completely disarms you until you reload, (which is supposed to inhibit mass killers), and many would be bad guys can count as high as two.  Finally his assertion that the shotgun is easier to handle for poor, weak little women is subject to some well deserved ridicule:

Trained women, of course, are some of the best marksmenpeople in the world, and an AR-15 is relatively light weapon compared to a 12 gauge shotgun, and much easier to shoot.  And having an assault a scary black military looking rifle with an immense clip may serve some value as an agent for discouragement of the intruders.  Nevertheless I would not recommend her wasting two shots for warning.  If they're close enough that a warning shot is needed, they're too close.

That's not to denigrate a 12 gauge as a self-defense weapon, they can be devastating at close range, of course, but I'd rather have Georgia using a semi-auto shotgun, like her father's Remington 1100, in which the action soaks up a substantial amount of the recoil.  Of course, for self defense use, it would be advisable to put the plug that restricts it to two or three rounds for duck hunting.

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