Friday, February 15, 2013

Name That Party: San Diego Edition

It’s Time to Play ‘Name That Party!’
San Diego’s former mayor, Maureen O’Connor, is a liberal Democrat. But now that she’s been charged in a massive scandal — she stole more than $2 million from a charity established by her late husband, in order to fund a decade-long gambling binge – the New York Times somehow can’t bring itself to mention her partisan affiliation.
Not true; she stole more than a billion dollars to bet with, but she only lost a net of $2 million, making her at the very minimum a very poor professional gambler.

To paraphrase Margret Thatcher, the problem with liberals and democrats is eventually they always run out of someone else's money.  She blamed a brain tumor made her do it.  Can we get an MRI of Barack Obama's skull?

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