Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others

Hey, NYC – what’s the pig deal?  Owners snort at porky-pet crackdown
A state senator is rallying to get the city to overturn a longstanding law forbidding New Yorkers from having cuddly little pigs as pets — or at least to quit slapping those who do with summonses.

“People die on [illegal] construction sites . . . and yet our threatening enforcement is against the person who has a small pig. There is a total inconsistency in the way the city deals with certain activities,” Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) told The Post.

“Families who have pigs have absolutely no problem maintaining them. They’re not a danger to other people, and may even be less of a danger than other animals [that are legal]. Obviously, the city needs to do more research.”

Lou and Danielle Forgione of Whitestone say they have received two summonses from the Health Department over Petey, their adorable Juliana pig. When they did not comply, the city sent a third notice threatening to “dispose” of the 50-pound porker.

“They hit us with a letter that we had 15 days to dispose of said animal. Otherwise they would come in with force and they would dispose of him. Basically they told us they would euthanize him,” said Danielle Forgione, 33.
But at least the law in its majestic equality, forbids both rich and poor, powerful and unconnected  to sleep under bridges keep pigs at home, right?  Oh, wait...
Avella, the senator, said he did not know until recently that owning pigs was even illegal in the city. He was outraged to learn that Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina brought her pet pig to Gracie Mansion on Thanksgiving to meet Hizzoner — and got off scot-free.

“The city’s going after families who have pigs as companions. Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s daughter has a pig in Gracie Mansion and no one mentions it’s illegal,” Avella said.

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  1. To be fair, since Hizzoner is himself a pig, the addition of another to Gracie Mansion could be expected to be overlooked.