Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Urban vs Rural, the Ultimate American Divide

I often hit the theme that the ultimate driver of political strife in America is the divide between urban dwellers and their rural cousins.  This article explores it in some depth:
With each passing election, rural and small town Americans have ever less influence on their state and national governments and ever declining control over the governance of their own communities. Their lives are increasingly controlled from distant state capitals and from the even more distant Washington, D.C., by politicians with little incentive to pay attention to their country cousins. To some extent, their disenfranchisement is the inevitable result of a century of urbanization and economic centralization. But the erosion of self-governance in rural America is also the result of a generally well intentioned but simplistic understanding of democracy and the associated elimination of institutional protections of local democratic governance.
The point is not that the different drummer is blue and the rural communities are red. That is just the reality of 21st century American politics. The point is that, because of their minority status in statewide population terms and their lack of representation as communities, rural Americans are denied full self-governance. They have become the objects of what might be called the soft tyranny of others desires and expectations.

The county by county map of the 2012 presidential election clearly portrays the irony and unfairness of a nation of predominantly red communities governed by a blue, urban, national majority. President Obama won 52 percent of the states and 51.4 percent of the popular vote, but only 20 percent of the counties. Yet, everyone in every one of those counties is subject to the will of distant majorities lacking any understanding of or stake in the local communities they control. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, and should not be that way, in our extended national republic.

As they say, read the whole thing.


  1. running late today. Therefore I will just post some concepts

    tyranny of the majority...

    law makers do not bite the hand that feeds you...

    WTF "rural Americans are denied full self-governance"

  2. here is a map on the subject

  3. As the urban part of America consumes all that the Rural part has to offer. Eventually the Rural end will just give up and the Urban end will starve. Then the balance will be restored.