Saturday, February 16, 2013

FBI Can't Find Menendez Hookers

Stacy McCain is still on the story of Senator Menendez and the missing teenage hookers:

Sources Tell Washington Post FBI Can’t Find Menendez’s Dominican Hookers:
As I say, the mere fact that the Washington Post decided to report this aspect of the Menendez investigation is good news, and we have to be grateful for that, having previously whacked them over the head for trying to downplay the sex-scandal angle.

The bad news is that the Post’s sources are saying that the feds haven’t been able to verify these allegations, which raises a couple of questions:
  1. Who are the Post‘s sources? Are these career law-enforcement personnel at the FBI or — as I am tempted to think — are these Obama’s political appointees at the Department of Justice, who certainly have an obvious motive for wanting to throw cold water on any suspicions that a top Democrat has been banging hookers in a Caribbean island resort?
  2. Why can’t the Post be bothered to do any investigating of its own? Forget partisan bias and just think what a huge story this could be: Top senator on the Foreign Relations Committee partying down with jailbait prostitutes in the seaside resort mansion owned by his shady Florida contributor? There’s got to be at least a book contract, and maybe a major motion picture deal, for the journalist who can get the scoop on a juicy scandal like that. And if you’re a reporter for the Washington Post, would you rather be stuck inside a fluorescent-lit office in D.C., or flying off at company expense to the Dominican Republic to interview prostitutes? Did I mention prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic?
As a journalist, McCain seems focused on the malfeasance by the Washington Post (and all the other major media) in failing to pursue the story with any vigor.  After four years of the Obama presidency, how can he be surprised when the Post fails to show interest in causing the Democratic party any distress? I take it is as a given.

My question is why would the FBI be looking for foreign hookers, underage or not, when clearly the Secret Service has much more experience?

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