Friday, February 15, 2013

Death at the Beach

I managed to convince both girls to come to the beach with me this morning.  A great morning for a walk, 50 F, just a little wind, absolutely  clear and cloudless.

We took Skye off of double secret probation, and let her run for a while.  Georgia and Skye turned around at Matoaka Cottages, so I went on up the beach alone after that.

This is either the biggest Gray Shark's tooth I have ever found, or the smallest Megalodon (there had to to be babies, didn't there?).  A very stout tooth, with heavy serrations.  All told we totaled 17 shark's teeth and one Black Drum's tooth.

You can barely see it in the small version of this photo, but if you click on the photo to see it at 1280 X 768, you can just make out the eagle, with a white head and tail soaring over the cliffs in the distance.  That's as close as I got. No zoom.

Death is everywhere at the beach.  The windrows of shell are all old or recently dead shellfish.  The cliffs are full the remains of old dead animal, and we looks for some of their  pieces on the beach and in the cliffs.

Winter is a lean time at the beach for the eagles.  Fish are mostly gone, and the few that are left hug the bottom most of the time, and without Ospreys to rob, I suspect our eagles mostly rely on carrion or birds.  Today I found the remains of what I think was a crow on the beach, largely eaten, but even the small bones not crunched, so likely not a mammal.   Crows like to mob the eagles and harass them, but I'm guessing that one got a little too bold.

Also the remains of either a duck or a seagull. Might well have been eagle chow too.

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