Thursday, February 28, 2013

Calvert Country Hates the Bay, Too

An article in the local e-rag that explains various Southern Maryland county governments feelings on Governor O'Malley's new septic bill.  I was particularly taken by the response from Calvert County, where I live:
In Calvert County, where there is little public sewer outside of its seven town centers, officials have deferred action on its tier maps until the end of the legislative session to see if lawmakers make any changes to the bill.

Under a draft plan, Tiers I and II would include only 5 percent of Calvert, while Tiers III and IV would make up 45 and 47 percent, respectively. Under the plan, only one home would be allowed for every 10.6 acres in Tier IV. There are 90 landowners in Tier IV whose land would lose the potential for a combined 1,012 lots, according to a status report prepared for the delegation.

As a result, the bill will further disincentivize Calvert’s transferable development rights program, which already took a hit during the recession due to declining property values, said Chuck Johnston, director of the Calvert County Department of Community Planning and Building.

“Calvert County has a 40-year history of land preservation through its groundbreaking [TDR] program,” the county wrote in the status report. “Property owners in Calvert have entered into this program in good faith and rely on the program remaining strong and viable. Limits on development in Tier IV have undercut this viability.”
In the word of Otter from Animal House: "You fucked up, you trusted us."

Just because we passed a law that you counted on, doesn't mean the state can't come along and change that on a whim.

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