Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beach Report, 2/10/13

It was a pretty nice morning at the Beach.  Only about 35 F, but only a little wind.  Partly cloudy, but only a few parts.
Skye was on double secret probation for trying an escapist maneuver last weekend (probably trying to avoid a difficult spot), so I kept her on the leash all day; hence no "dog running" or "dog stalking" pictures. Sorry.

I was surprised to find this eagle sitting in a tree over Long Beach; usually they're much further up the Bay.
I was even more surprised when it took off and flew straight over us on its way past.

The tide was a little high, we just barely squeaked by the narrow spot with dry feet on our way up (Skye doesn't care about  dry feet, but I do).
The effects of freezing on the cliffs.  By freezing into the cliff an inch or two, the freeze loosen a layer that often falls off in sheets like this.  This dark, silty clay is the hardest material in the cliffs, and the most resistant to erosion.
On our way back the tide had risen just enough that I head to get wet feet to get by the narrow spot. 

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