Monday, February 11, 2013

A Nice Turn of Phrase

except for the slight error:

Sam Owings: Let's turn negative energy into a force for the common good
Environmentalist(s), who have ignored the elephant in the room far too long, are now frustrated by their own failings and have resorted to suing farmers because of manure on their boots and dust blown about by a fan. These environmentalist should step back, take a deep breath, shake off all negative energy and shift into a positive mindset so they can get some proactive, commonsense programs going to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.
Another Eastern Shorer (farmer?) trying to get the Bay Diet and the environmental movement that drives it to take another look at fixing the nutrient retention abilities Conowingo Dam (and the other Susky dams) as means of abating much of the nutrient pollution to the Bay.  It references the recent loss of the Waterkeeper's Alliance of their chickenshit suit against the Hudson Farm and Perdue Chickens, that has been much discussed here.

Kind of reminiscent of this recent ad from the Superbowl...

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