Sunday, February 24, 2013

Red Glass at the Beach

It was a pretty nice morning at the beach, and after a couple of days of rain, it was welcome.The temperature was somewhere in the 40s, but there was essentially no wind. Despite the sun overhead, there clouds and mist in the distance, making it hard to see far across the Bay
Both girls came today; unfortunately, the tide was up to the cliff at Calvert Beach, so the walk was shorter than it could have been. 

Nevertheless, I found 14 sharks teeth, including this moderately decent Mako shark's tooth.
An example of the mist.  Do you see the second boat?  I didn't until I looked at this photo.
Georgia found the real prize today, our first ever piece of red beach glass.  Only yellow glass is reputed to be rarer than red.

Skye showing off some silly husky tongue.

One of the trees hanging over the cliff is clearly thinking about spring.
However, the Buffy's aren't convinced, so they're still hanging around off the end of the harbor, instead of returning north to breed.

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