Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are the Skids Being Greased for Sen. Menendez?

Stacey McCain thinks he's Doomed!
There are rumors that powerful Democrats are now working to hasten the downfall of Menendez. Why do you think mainstream reporters are getting the greenlight for stories like this one by Shane Goldmacher of National Journal?
When Robert Menendez arrived in the U.S. Senate in 2006, he was a relative pauper in a chamber often called a millionaires’ club. The New Jersey Democrat ranked 97th out of 100 senators in terms of his personal wealth, according to financial records filed that year and compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

So Menendez’s decision last month to use his personal funds to reimburse a prominent political contributor $58,500 for two flights to the Dominican Republic came at a major cost. The repayment amounts to between 32 percent and 87 percent of the assets Menendez reported holding in bank accounts and stock, according to his latest financial-disclosure form, which was filed last year.

Menendez repaid Florida eye doctor and political donor Salomon Melgen only after his free flights aboard Melgen’s plane became public and the subject of a Senate ethics complaint.
Attempts by certain liberal journalists (e.g., Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post) to minimize the seriousness of this scandal will prove ineffectual, because if Senator Menendez tries to hang on, it might inspire greater scrutiny to other politicians connected to Dr. Melgen, and those other politicians don’t need that scrutiny.
And there is that underage prostitute thing in the Dominican Republic, too, although that's not getting nearly the same attention as it would if Menendez sported an "R" after his name. GOODSTUFF points out some pictures of his likely procuress

I hope Stacey's right.  If other, more important democrats, stand to suffer if Menendez tries to push this too far, he'll find sharks circling in the pool at the end of the skids.

Stacey also provides a handy timeline for the advance of the Menedez story, if you're not familiar with it already.


  1. morning Dude - yeah Menendez is being tar and feathered...

    Internet vigilantism is on the rise. So far, digital avengers have more or less limited their activities to shaming and exposing pedophiles, con men and giant douchebags. However, one can easily see a future where the moral-minded folks dish their harsh citizen justice out on anyone who steps outside the tight parameters of their idea of acceptable behavior.

    I will be linking back to you ("hookergate") my Friday

    1. yeah... here is the link