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Can the Redskins Ground the Eagles?

On right now, the Washington Redskins take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Fedex Field. As I write this, Washington scores it's second unanswered field goal, 6-0.


Now back to the Redskins name kerfuffle:

Jeb Bush doesn’t think the Redskins should change their name
“I don’t think they should change it,” Bush said during an interview with Sirius XM’s POTUS Channel. “I don’t think politicians ought to be having any say about that, to be honest with you. I don’t find it offensive. Native American tribes generally don’t find it offensive.”

Bush, the former Florida governor, went on to describe “a similar kind of flap” at Florida State, where the school and the Seminole Tribe of Florida have a close and unusual bond. During Bush’s tenure, the university got a waiver from the NCAA to continue using its Seminole nickname.
“The Seminole Tribe itself kind of came to the defense of the university; [the issue] subsided,”

Bush said in the Sirius XM interview. ” It’s a sport for crying out loud. It’s a football team. I mean, Washington has a huge fanbase. I just — I’m missing something here, I guess.”
I don't want Jeb  Bush as Preznit, but this is about right to me. Shockingly, Rolling Stone thinks it's another right wing plot:
As Think Progress points out, Bush has good reason to defend the Redskins name: The team's owner Daniel Snyder contributed $100,000 to the Republican candidate's Super PAC. Snyder has vowed never to change the team's name despite mounting pressure from football fans and the U.S. government; last summer, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board canceled the team's trademark registrations because it was deemed derogatory to Native Americans. The Washington Redskins have since appealed the decision.
Oh, and the Eagles had an abortive drive, ending in a punt. Still 6-0.

Are those X-ray Specs? Smooth move!
Eagles strike 'Redskins' name from media guide
In an era of deflate-gate, the Washington Redskins name-change debate seems positively quaint, but it's not going away. On Wednesday, we learned that presidential candidate Jeb Bush doesn't find the name offensive, and shortly afterward, we learned this about the Philadelphia Eagles:

That certainly appears to be a deliberate move by the Eagles to avoid using the "Redskins" name, which opponents have decried as racially insensitive. The Eagles used the "Falcons" and "Jets" team names, but referred to the Redskins only as "Washington." The Eagles further avoided using "Redskins" in the Game Notes, referring to "Washington" a couple dozen times.

What's the significance of this? While numerous announcers and media members have avoided using the team name, this is the first instance of an entity within the NFL itself dodging the Redskins name. When—and, yes, Redskins fans, it is almost certainly a "when"—the team changes its name, the Eagles' decision to avoid using the name might well be one of the key moments in the ultimate decision to move away from the current name.
That's just chickenEagleshit. I hereby take offense on behalf of Eagles everywhere, and vow not to use their name, hereafter calling them the Dirty Birds.

Deconstructing PC ESPN Writer’s Attacks on Redskins’ Name
. . . In this endeavor, Wise has already put his money where his mouth is and no longer “reports” about the team he once made a living off of. He’s now leading a “Wise” boycott claiming, “I didn't go to the opener. I didn't go Sunday, either.” Well then, take that Dan Snyder! Wise’s plucky two game fast comes at an important moment, as the Redskins were recently ranked the number three most lucrative NFL team according to Forbes. Unfortunately for Wise, his best efforts to impugn the team and owner seemingly backfired. Receipts in 2014 actually jumped by $700 million – or 41 percent. It seems Wise will have to also stay away from the remaining six home games if he hopes to make a dent. . . 
Read the rest.

The Dirty Birds interfere with a Redskins pass in the endzone. First and goal at the 1 yard line. Redskins score on second down on a Cousins run 12-0, the touchdown passes review, the kick is good 13-0.

Oh, and Redskins recover a fumble on the second play after the kick.

Greg Cote: Washington football nickname under siege
This is the first time a fellow team has joined the political fray against Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and his refusal to consider a name change despite growing opposition.

It will be interesting to see how other teams react and how commissioner Roger Goodell reacts to one team refusing to acknowledge another’s nickname.

Of course the real pressure against the Redskins nickname will start when the sponsorship dollars start drying up, and when, for example, FedEx is increasingly uncomfortable with its name on the stadium making it the most prominent sponsor of a nickname under siege.
Money talks, bullshit walks.

Levin: Redskins’ Name Feared More Than Islamo-Nazi Regime in Tehran?
“This is how pathetic and stupid things have become,” Levin said. “So the name Redskins is to be feared more than the Islamo-Nazi regime that has ICBMs and wants to put nuclear warheads on – than an Islamo-Nazi regime that has killed Americans, that has four American hostages.”
No they're not more "afraid" of the Redskins name, they're just trying to use it to political advantage.

The Dirty Birds score a TD which is recalled for an illegal formation. Still 13-0. They try a field goal and miss. The half ends.

Tulare Union fights to keep Redskins mascot, with support of Tule River tribe
Tulare Union High School is lobbying to keep its mascot name, the Redskins, in the face of pending California legislation that would outlaw the moniker for all public schools. And the school has an unlikely ally – the Tule River Tribal Council.

The tribe wrote a letter of support of Tulare Union’s continued use of its mascot. The school district forwarded the letter to the governor’s office as part of its campaign to retain the name.
. . .
In 2012, Tulare Union’s football uniforms prominently featured the Redskins mascot with a spear on the helmet and “Redskins” on the jersey. John Harte For The Bakersfield Californian. But the school is fighting an uphill battle, Superintendent Sarah Koligian admits.

“There is a national push to do away with the Redskins mascot” that stems from the debate about renaming the NFL team in Washington, D.C., Koligian said.

A bill that would ban the use of the name by school sports teams passed the Legislature and is now on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Four high schools – Tulare Union, Chowchilla Union High, Gustine High in Merced County and Calaveras High in San Andreas – would be affected. Two schools, Colusa High and Mountain Empire in Pine Valley, changed to the Redhawks.
. . .
Because the school “uses its mascot as a sign of pride and honor,” the tribe “support(s) the school district’s use of its mascot in this way,” tribal chairman Neil Peyron wrote in the letter.
High School Teacher Tries to Make Point about NFL’s Redskins Name by Using the N-Word, Gets Put on Administrative Leave
Heritage High School (Newport News, Virginia) teacher Lynne Pierce was attempting to make a point about racist terms and names in her AP History class, and as a result was put on administrative leave.

She had used the Washington Redskins as an example, saying the NFL team’s name “mocks Native Americans.”

When a student “asked her to expand more on the topic,” Pierce allegedly compared the name to a hypothetical local team called the “Newport News N******.”
And that alone shows you the difference between the two words. Though, to be fair, I don't think the teacher should have been suspended.

And the Dirty Birds finally score with a Bradford pass on a 60 yd play The kick is wide! 13-6.

The Dirty Birds score another TD, on another Bradford pass. Kick is good. Tie game 13-13.

TV's 'Minority Report' predicts Washington Redskins name change by 2065
The series picks up 15 years after the end of PreCrime, which used three "precogs" who could see murders before they happen to stop such crimes in Washington, D.C. But because the system was flawed (you can change your future!) the program was shut down and the trio was sent away. One of the precogs, Dash (Stark Sands), decided to return and try to help a cop (Meagan Good) stop killers again.

Along the way, we get a few "Back to Future"-like glimpses at what life will be like 50 years from now. The most interesting tidbit is the Washington Redskins have a new name, and Good's character Lara Vega is a fan.

The NFL team has long been criticized for its nickname, called a "racial slur" against Native Americans by the Oneida Indian Nation. "Minority Report" predicts that, by 2065, the team will be called the "Redclouds" (or Red Clouds) and a former player (Andrew Stewart-Jones as Peter Van Eyck) who led them to a Super Bowl win will be running for mayor.
Redskins score a field goal, 16-13 (whew!).

Nation Writer: Trump Candidacy, ‘Redskins’ Name Offer ‘A Howl of Anger at a Slowly Evolving World’
This team’s Jim Crow era moniker has survived into the 21st century precisely because this Walking Dead franchise has been so irrelevant if not unwatchable over the last twenty years…Imagine if they made the Super Bowl and the world had two weeks to debate and discuss this name. One could imagine a mass march on the Super Bowl, as dozens of Native American tribal councils would undoubtedly mobilize and converge on the big game, as feckless NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stammered excuses about how it’s “ultimately up to Dan Snyder”…

…Snyder clings even more tightly to the name, molding a new constituency of newfound “fans” who want the team to be a symbol of the fight against “political correctness”. The team is becoming the sports equivalent of the Donald Trump presidential run, a dead-ender operation with nothing to offer but a howl of anger at a slowly evolving world…

…This team, which has long survived by being supported by a majority black city and play their games in majority black Prince George’s County, seem content to play Trump and be divisive, ugly, and cruel to the fans that have loved them the most. These fans have said overwhelmingly in polls that they understand why Native Americans would be offended by the name and that Snyder should meet with the tribal councils and hear their concerns. Instead, he sneers at the very idea.
Hicks recovers a fumble for the Dirty Birds, and it passes review.  This ultimately results in a long Bradford pass to Austin for a TD, kick is good, 16-20.

TMZ - Washington Redskins Fan Goes Full Red-Skinned
If you name your pro football team the Washington Redskins, you're just inviting this kind of BS -- a fan decorating himself like he's a "Blazing Saddles" extra ... except there's nothing funny about it.

Some guy painted his face red and donned a black wig with long side braid ... then plopped himself down at MetLife Stadium to watch his team perform pitifully, and lose to the New York Giants.

See, the play on the field was NOT the most offensive part of that game.
My, the offense industry is in full swing isn't it? Me? I'm offended by people putting cheese on their heads. Unless they're cute girls, of course. I cut them some slack.

Redskins haters: Butt out
I would like to have the group, or whomever it is, that is trying to throw out the Redskins mascot for the schools to go somewhere and find something to do that is productive and stay out of our school history. I do not believe there has been one single Redskin harm anyone in the group, so I do not know why they are sticking their noses in our business, since we have been Redskins for the last 95 or so years.

We are not destructive nor do we get in peoples’ faces, but we are a very proud people, and we love our Redskins name. We have marched in the inaugural parade for the president; we have gone to band reviews and won awards, and we will be Redskins till the day we die, whether they like it or not. They cannot take that away from us Redskins.

Get your nose out of our business.

Cousins to Garçon TD inside the 2 minute mark (26 seconds). Extra point is good. Redskins lead 23-20.

Redskins sack Bradford twice in the last 26 seconds. The Dirty Birds try the "Old University of California Play" and Redskins intercept. Redskins beat the Dirty Birds 23-20!

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: Columbus Day Edition" ready at The Other McCain.

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