Sunday, September 19, 2021

Election 2020: They Announced a Riot and Nobody Came

Althouse, What if they gave a riot and nobody came? Well hardly anyone, anyway. The Sept. 18 demonstration in protest of the treatment of the Jan. 6 Capitol incursionists went off yesterday, as more or less planned. About 100 protesters (we don't really have a good estimate because some of the alleged protestors were federal agents (more on that in a moment) were greeted by a larger crowd of heavily armed and armored Cap Cops, reporters and counter demonstrators, all there largely to provoke the right-wing demonstrators into doing something stupid, which they apparently resisted, because we have no news of that. We know the Feds (which agency is not clear) infiltrated the crowd because because the Cap Cops spotted one black clad guy carrying a gun, and attempted to arrest, only to have him produce a badge, at which point his cover was blown, and he was escorted off the field on non-battle. So yeah, it pretty much went down the way I expected it to. 

At Ace's KT has some preparatory material in Reason and Science or Alchemy? including this loathsome piece from the DCist, What We Know About The Right-Wing Rally Planned For Sept. 18. CNN's Brian Stelter was down right disappointed that Right-wing media downplays planned rally at Capitol. From atop Da Hill, Republicans keep distance from 'Justice for J6' rally. Wapoo whines Republican leaders remain silent as Trump casts perpetrators of Jan. 6 attack as political prisoners and  managed to conceal it's disappointment some in ‘Justice for J6’ rally starts and ends with small crowds and tight security

Police made just four arrests throughout the day, seizing two weapons. The relative peace and quiet was a welcome turn for the U.S. Capitol Police, whose leaders endured blistering criticism in the months after Jan. 6 for inadequate security.

Mediaite,  WATCH: Pro-Rioter ‘Justice for J6’ Rally Draws ‘Dozens’ of Attendees, ‘Hundreds’ of Cameras

—Several hundred press—Hundreds of police
—Few dozen rally attendees
—Couple dozen counterprotestors
—Media flocking to individual people in circus-like fashion
—Rally attendees tell me they’re disappointed by turnout but pleased w/ press attention

The highlight of the day were the Cap Cops accidentally busting an undercover cop. Sundance at CTH, Whoopsie, Too Funny – Overzealous DC Stormtroopers Accidentally Target Undercover Fed Dressed Like Antifa Then Had to Pretend Like They Were Arresting Him

and also introduces us to another picture making the rounds, of what is almost certainly a crowd of agents getting together to discuss what they're doing here: 
FBI Briefing instructions: “Look normal, as close to “cookout party dads” as possible. Pick up your Kohl’s gift cards at the desk on your way out. High socks preferred for optics. Remember boys, be invisible!” “Alex, you take point on this one.” “Got it!” “Hey guys, lets all look the same, so that way we will look like everybody else”…

Government issued Ray-Ban’s… √
Squared away haircuts…. √
Black socks…. √
Govt approved wristwatches… √
Inability to blend in, and look totally stupid…. √

Twitchy records a great deal of fun with this one in People are still having fun with that photo of hardcore MAGA QAnon insurrectionists at the #JusticeForJ6 rally

Insty, THE FBI INFILTRATION DONE WITH USUAL LEVELS OF FBI COMPETENCE and PM, Capitol Police reportedly detain undercover cop at rally for Jan. 6 'political prisoners' and Nick Arama at Red State, Police Detain Man for Having a Gun at J6 Rally in DC, but There's a Big Twist

At JTN, Voting reform bill reintroduced after Pennsylvania governor’s veto, "The vetoed legislation mandated residents show ID each time they cast a ballot, expanding upon existing law that only requires it of first-time voters." Don't they know black people don't have ID? 

The Floridian thinks Florida Democrats are in “Massive Trouble” After new Voter Registration Numbers Released "Democrats are in panic mode as Floridian continue to turn to the Republican Party."

CNN (cited at Haut Hair) boosting Pence preps for potential 2024 run amid rocky headlines about relationship with Trump. Politicians gonna politic. Haut Hair also pushes a poll that shows 27% of Republicans think Trump will regain the presidency this year. Well then, 27% of Republicans are idiots, which is still a lower percentage than Democrats. 

Politico whines Gonzalez exit demoralizes GOP moderates and the NYT (cited at Haut Hair), considers The road ahead for pro-impeachment House Republicans. It's looking a little rocky as, via Da Hill, Emboldened Trump takes aim at GOP foes.

Some final words on the California recall effort? At Da Signal, Smear Campaign Against Larry Elder Reveals Fraud by Woke Media. It was rather disgusting, even by media standards. Michael Barone, though, says California Voters Get What They Deserve. Good and hard as they say. Except for my family, of course. 

The Babylon Bee is having fun at the expense of Gen. "Righteous Strike" Milley, General Milley Is Releasing A Revised Version Of 'The Art Of War' -- And We've Got Exclusive Excerpts
"If you think you might attack an enemy, pick up the phone and give 'em a heads up. It's only fair."

"You have to be careful not to surprise your enemy. They really don't like it."

"Treason is not treason if it is the lesser of two treasons."

"Know thy pronouns, and know thy enemy's pronouns."

Insty,  JUST BE SURE TO PHONE THE ENEMY BEFORE ATTACKING: U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable. At NYPo  Lt. Gen. (ret) Keith Kellogg writes I respected Mark Milley ⁠— but he has damaged our democracy

In my lifetime, I have seen military officials removed for overstepping their responsibilities. In fact, I’ve seen officers removed for things that bordered on the silly. The allegations against Milley are anything but.

Unauthorized military discussions with a growing adversary about potential action sends a negative signal to an enemy. It conveys confusion, weakness, and calls into question our ability to control our military forces. It also implies that the military, in fact, calls the shots — not the commander in chief. Any undermining of the civilian control of the military is problematic; this was dangerous.

Moreover, this call was made in the aftermath of a contentious election in the midst of a debilitating pandemic caused and perpetuated by the same country on the other end of the phone. In diplomatic relations, what’s not said often carries as much weight as what is. Milley’s alleged call communicated ­disarray.

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