Wednesday, September 8, 2021

MD Rep. Outraged By Baltimore Sewage Overflows

Bob Long, Rep of District 6 in the MD House of Delegates: Hold the wastewater treatment plants, city accountable

I am outraged beyond belief that last week I received information about raw sewage being pumped into Back River from the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant, starting sometime in April or May of 2021. This is completely unacceptable.

Given the damage to the Chesapeake Bay and the safety concerns for the health and wellbeing of boaters, swimmers, fisherman or anyone who enjoys the Chesapeake Bay.

What makes me especially angry that there was $430 million of hard-earned taxpayer money spent to alleviate raw sewage being pumped into the bay.

One of the main reasons this upgrade took place was the failing sewage infrastructure in Baltimore City.

Furthermore, given the hard work that is being done to help clean the bay by non-profits and their volunteers; Back River Restoration Committee, Clean Bread and Cheese Creek and Maryland Waterway Foundation to ensure the future of the Chesapeake Bay.

Also, recently there was 7.2 million spat on shell seeded at Man O’War Shoal. This egregious act of incompetence is appalling and a few other words that cannot be printed in the paper.

That's a bit of a non-sequitur from my perspective, those oysters will grow just fine and dandy despite the sewage, in fact, they may grow a little faster due to algae stimulated by the sewage. But the point is still that the Baltimore City continues to be a major source of pollution to the Chesapeake Bay, despite ample time and money to upgrade their systems. It's almost like they think they have better places to spend their money.

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  1. Memories. Decades ago I took an elderly Uncle fishing on the "'Peake" off the Virginia shore. At day's end, I had to follow the line to free the grappling hook "anchor". I have worked as a plumber and I recognized the smell of what drained out of my sinuses for next several days.

    The population of "D.C." and "Boll-mer" have long out-stripped the capacity of their ancient sewage systems but, after the grift for the ruling class, there hasn't been enough cash to pay for upgrades. They must like the smell.