Thursday, September 23, 2021

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore - So BYOB

Bring Your Own Bag. It's not like Baltimore doesn't have plenty of problems to attend to. Da Sun, Bring your own bag: After pandemic delays, Baltimore’s ban on plastic bags takes effect Oct. 1 

Baltimore’s ban on plastic bags goes into effect starting next month, more than 15 years after city leaders first proposed a similar law.

Called the Comprehensive Bag Reduction Act, the rule affects grocery stores, restaurants and retailers. It applies to food and produce purchased in person, as well as through apps such as Instacart. Shops will need to charge customers at least 5 cents per paper bag, including a 1-cent fee that will be paid to the city.

Retailers need to report the number of paper bags used, starting next week, but have a month-long grace period before they need to start paying the penny fee. That money will go into the city’s general fund.

Originally set to begin in January, the ban was delayed amid the pandemic and now takes effect Oct. 1.

Mayor Brandon Scott held a news conference Wednesday in Harbor East near the waterfront’s Mr. Trash Wheel to remind residents of the change, which he touted as “improving the environment of our city.”

Heaven forfend they should do something about their leaky sewers and running gun battles. Baltimore Mayor: Hey, we should probably do something about all of these gang shootings (Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair).

While residents were demanding action, the Mayor, the City State’s Attorney, and the Police Chief didn’t have much to say that they hadn’t heard before. And, of course, none of them were ready to take any blame for their own policies failing to keep people alive. One of the residents noted that when one of the Fire Department’s regular assignments is to wash down the blood on the sidewalks, something has gone very wrong indeed.

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  1. Which helps illustrate why cities are a doomed relic of 19th Century transportation & communication. Now they are nothing but a wild animal preserve. Note that since the Dems own the "voting machines", they no longer have a reason to bear the burden of population upkeep. And there is Compton, California where the new imported (Hispanic) population drove the ghetto gang-bangers, their families and friends out of the city. You have to think that the Dems are keeping the borders open for a reason. Guess what is coming to your neighborhood.