Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day 2021 Beach Report

A beautiful "false fall" day for Labor Day. Temperatures were in the high 70s trending to low 80s, with inconsequential humidity, and a decent southern breeze. We got a little bit of an early start, and managed to catch to low tide. While not totally deserted, I was a bit surprised by the lack of visitors on such a great day that was also an official holiday.
I, almost literally, stumbled on the first adult Black Swallowtail I've seen this year, although we had a caterpillar in our Parsley at home. The blue on the hind wings identifies this as a female. One of our more beautiful butterflies. 
A side view showing the classic color pattern.
The low tide let us get all the way up to the big falls on Matoaka.

A decent day for teeth, 22 shark's teeth and four drum's teeth, though none of the shark's teeth were really exceptional. I did take a photo of a nice "contorta" Tiger Shark tooth.
It was warm enough out that Skye demanded her traditional dip in the stream at the Calvert Beach/ Matoaka border.

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