Friday, September 10, 2021

9/10/21 Beach Report

There were at least 3 Ospreys in the trees over the boatyard this morning as Skye and I ambled through on our way to the beach. I suspect they may be juveniles; the adults are either getting ready or on their way south for their winter vacations.
I also spotted this Viceroy butterfly near the back steps. Curiously, this is about the only place I ever find them; perhaps the presence of a large Willow tree, their preferred host plant) nearby is the reason. It's a pretty amazing Monarch mimic, but once you get to know the differences (look for the line across the hind wing), it's easily discerned.
It really feels like we turned the corner into Fall in the last couple of days. Last night's temperatures fell to 60 F, to rise to only 74, and a stiff NE breeze had the bay all stirred up. However, the long term forecast promises some hot weather next week, in other words, typical September weather.
As usual, Georgia and Skye got out to a good lead on me on the way back, as I slowed down to look for fossils. It was a terrible day, mostly waves, sand and dirty water, but we did manage three shark teeth, a drum tooth, a tiny sting ray plate, and piece of whale vertebra.
A gull clings to his (or her) island of stability.


  1. No Whitey sightings this year?

  2. No, although he only showed up on Sept. 1 last year. The likelihood that he would come north to the same spot seems fairly small, alas. We have to make do with ordinary Great Blue Herons.