Sunday, September 26, 2021

Beach Report 9/26/21

On our way down to the beach, Skye and I encountered a Viceroy butterfly on the same stair rail that I've seen one on several times before. Is it the same butterfly, or am I seeing successive generations in the same place?
We had lovely fall weather again today, temperatures in the low 70's, a bit windier than yesterday, and a few fluffy clouds. 
The tide was pretty low, and we made it around past the big slump and tree.
Georgia found the "shamer" (ain't that a shame), most of the blade of a big White Shark tooth. I found 15 little teeth, but lost 3 when I dropped my jar by accident. Easy come, easy go.
We didn't see any Ospreys fishing today, may the last of this years hatch have gone, but this Eagle was patrolling the area they've been hanging out in lately.

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