Saturday, September 11, 2021

Beach Report 9/11/21

When Skye and I went through the boatyard today on the way down the the beach, the Viceroy butterfly (or one just like it) was still hanging around the steps down to the dock.
So I took more pictures.
When we got to the beach parking lot, we discovered that someone had set fire to the trashcans that the community pays to keep there to help keep the beach clean. Thanks, assholes. 
Kayak anglers sitting out by the end of the jetty.
Another pretty day, with temperatures a nearly ideal 75 F, mostly sunny skies, low humidity, and no breeze to speak of.
We found 20 shark's teeth, a drum tooth, a crab claw, and a Tilly bone, but the star of todays collection was this "cookie."
What's for lunch? Flounder! Up in the shallows well above Matoaka at the extreme range of my camera's zoom.

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