Monday, September 27, 2021

A Reading from the Annals of the Biden Crime Family - MSM Admits Hunters Laptop Veracity

 Another attempt to help clear the decks:

Hunter Biden being Hunter Biden:

Politico Playbook: Hey, the Hunter-laptop story was legit after all – HotAir

Politico Confirms Emails From Hunter Biden Laptop

The Hunter Biden laptop is confirmed?! Color us shocked!

New Proof Emerges of the Biden Family Emails: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media/BigTech Fraud - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald

Fresh Hunter Biden Emails Reveal Detailed Evidence of Corruption and Probable Illegality – RedState

Biden Inc cont'd: Hunter tried to shake down Libya for $2M while Joe was VP to "unfreeze" assets – HotAir

Ace of Spades HQ New Emails: Hunter Biden Tried to Use His Father To Get Billions in Libyan Assets Unfrozen, In Exchange for "Success Fees"

REPORT: Dem Donors Had Second Thoughts About Paying Hunter Biden Millions To Help Unfreeze Libyan Funds Due To Chasing ‘Low Class Hookers,’ Drugs - The Daily Caller

If These Latest Revelations Aren't Enough to Arrest Hunter Biden, Then Nothing Is – PJ Media

New York Times quietly deletes claim Hunter Biden laptop story was 'unsubstantiated' |- Washington Examiner

Report - Biden Family Corruption: 'We’ve Got People' to Invest in Joe

Hunter Biden emails boast ties to White House and China

House Oversight Republicans probe Hunter Biden's art dealings - Fox News

Hunter Biden’s Art Show Is an Ethical Quagmire - The Atlantic

New book reveals how Joe Biden's family used his position for profit

Proof Hunter Biden's 'work' was about selling influence over Joe

Just Joe being Joe

Confused Joe Biden Doesn't Think Tornadoes Are Called Tornadoes Anymore

EXC: Biden's National Security Council China Director Is Former Fellow At Chinese State-Funded Group Advising Communist Officials Sanctioned For Human Rights Abuses.

VP Harris-Backed Bail Fund Freed Alleged Domestic Abuser Now Charged With Murder - Dan Bongino

Minnesota man freed by Kamala Harris-supported bail fund now charged with murder | Fox NewsWhite House planning to withdraw ATF nominee - POLITICO

WaPo: White House to raise the white flag on Chipman – HotAir

Biden White House stonewalls two key senators in inquiry into president's use of private email - Just The News

REVEALED: Biden Cabinet Secretaries, Local Mayors Collude With Chinese Communist Party on Agriculture Policy.

White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden mid-sentence as he asks question at wildfires briefing -| Fox News

Biden Acts Like Crazy Person During 9/11 Ceremony - by Jim Treacher - Who the Hell Is Jim Treacher?

Biden, Blinken under fire after announcing $64 million aid to Taliban controlled Afghanistan - News Thud

"We're here!" GOP Rep. and Blinken CLASH over appearance at hearing - YouTube

Biden claims first job offer from Idaho lumber company, 'no record' of it

Joe Biden’s Swamp - The Spectator World

Facebook drops hammer on song critical of Biden, ‘Blood on my hands’ - Washington Examiner

Monica Crowley goes *there* after Joe Biden’s latest incoherent mic moment –

Pew: Share who say Biden is "mentally sharp" drops to 43%, down double digits since March – 

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