Thursday, September 23, 2021

Beach Report 9/23/21

Yesterday's promised storm gave us a bit of rain last night, but the main line of thunderstorms rolled through this morning about 6 AM. It was all over (but the clouds) by about noon, so we took our walk after lunch.
Georgia and I were sitting at breakfast, when a knock came at the door. The little girl across the street has Skye by the collar, who has apparently freaked out in the thunderstorm and made a hole in the backyard fence to escape through. A stupid husky trick. 

A quick search found the weak spot in the fence, and it's patched, at least temporarily.
Even though we arrived at the beach around low tide, the tide was 2 ft above normal due to the surge effect, and there was very little beach to be found. However, thanks to some good bands of gravel and shell hash, we managed 23 teeth. I found 20 tiny ones, and Georgia found three bigger than any of mine.
You can barely find them, but there is both an Osprey and a Bald Eagle in this photo. So there's at least one Osprey left feeding the eagles. 

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