Monday, September 20, 2021

Beach Report 9/20/21

With mostly sunny skies, low 70s temperatures, and just a little breeze, it was nearly the prefect weather for the beach.
We were a little late for the low tide today, but the beach cooperated with generous bands of shell hash and gravel. 

This tooth was the disappointment of the day . . .
A nice lower Mako Shark tooth sadly broken almost on the midline.
But this Snaggletooth was a reasonable consolation prize. We managed 37 sharks teeth, and the usual other stuff in addition. I almost missed this tooth, it blended in so well with the sand and gravel.
Georgia and Skye leading the way home.
We saw a lot of eagle activity today. This one dropped a fish just before I got the camera on him. It's not quite in adult uniform, but the beak is starting to turn orange, and the head and tail white, so it won't be too long.
Heavy traffic out front.
This eagle had just been harassing another (who may have been the one above). I guess they're getting resigned to the Ospreys leaving, and trying to remember how to fish for themselves. I did see one Osprey in the harbor, though.

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