Saturday, September 18, 2021

Election 2020: Sitting Here in Limbo

Da Hill seems moderately pissed to inform us that the Pennsylvania GOP authorizes subpoenas in election probe. And from Arizona, Sundance at CTH has another Arizona Audit Update, Maricopa County and State Senate Enter Agreement – Wendy Rogers Confirms Audit Report and Hearing for Friday September 24th

An Hawaiian judge from North Carolina? AP, North Carolina judges strike down state’s voter ID law. Legislating from the bench. I assume it will be appealed. From Sophie Mann at JTN, Trump continues to push Georgia's Raffensperger, Kemp to decertify 2020 election results
On Friday, Trump sent a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that included a report of 43,000 Absentee Ballot Votes counted in DeKalb County that violated the chain of custody rules implemented to ensure fraud is minimized.
Less well noticed fallout from Woodward's book BI, McConnell's final remark to Trump was 'you lost the election' as the defeated president railed at him for not embracing the Big Lie: You can tell what side they're on from the "Big Lie." And from across da pond at Da Mail,  Bill Barr warned Trump that independent voters thought he was 'f**king a*****e' and he needed to 'dial back' outrageous behavior or he'd lose election - then chided him for 'wheeling out clown car of lawyers' to contest results.

Haut Hair cites the LA Times in Schwarzenegger says voters were right to retain Newsom, calls GOP field "disastrous", not like rejecting a governor for a former body builder and shirt-tail Kennedy. At Mediaite, GOP Strategist on Larry Elder’s Recall Strategy: ‘Greatest Self-Own In 20 Years Of California Politics That I’ve Ever Seen’ Thinks accusing the other side of cheating before the election depresses your own turn out, but then doing it after the election is deemed moot. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.17.21, Don Surber says It’s Trump’s Party. Get Over It. Breitbart, Poll: Donald Trump Dominates Hypothetical 2024 GOP Primary Trump really gave bulk of GOP voters what they wanted; I'm not sure the GOP-e get that yet. Speaking of the GOO-e, Insty, TIN EAR: A Cheney imperiled. She thinks she owns the seat by divine right.
“Since her vote to impeach Trump and her appointment by Speaker Pelosi to the January 6 Committee, she has, to my knowledge, made no publicized visits to the state, save to attend the funeral of former senator Mike Enzi a couple of months ago. Word has it that she does fly occasionally into Jackson (which is to Wyoming what the Hamptons are to upstate New York), where she spends her time with friends, benefactors and perhaps a Republican politician or two while sedulously avoiding the rest of the state, 70 percent of which voted for Donald Trump last November.”

Also rom the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.17.21, Weasel Zippers notices Facebook Lets The Cartels Recruit Hitmen & Prostitutes On Their Platform, Does Nothing To Stop Them while banning Donald Trump. It fits their community standards. 

AllahPundit at Haut Hair roots for a riot in Trump: Tomorrow's Justice for J6 rally in Washington is a "set-up". So are other lefties, at the Daily Dot, Far-right conspiracy theorists believe their own rally is about to become a false flag, "I don’t know a single person in the MAGA movement who is going. It’s a setup." InstyAlso: “Conspiracy theory of the day: Democrats are planning to provoke a riot at the coming protest over the 1/6 detainees, and Bush is trying to protect himself.” 

On or about March 21, 2021, Mr. Samsel was viciously assaulted while in the custody of the District of Columbia Department of Corrections, and while detained in ‘administrative segregation’—the latest euphemism for solitary confinement. He was taken to Howard University Hospital the next day, on March 22, 2021, where he was admitted and treated for injuries including… bilateral nasal bone fracture… as a result of the brutal assault, Mr. Samsel lost vision in his right eye…. CVRJ Medical Records make clear that medical orders and referrals have been ignored.”

Dan McLaughlin at NR asks  Are Mobs Still Bad When Their Target Is Brett Kavanaugh? and Capt/ Ed at Haut Hair wonders about Precedents: Will Biden override Trump on executive-privilege claims on January 6 records? What comes around, goes around, remember Hunter's laptop and Afghanistan.

At some point, every president has to leave office, and usually every president has episodes they’d prefer to keep mostly to themselves and their closest advisers. Setting the precedent that former adversaries will expose them to partisan file-raiding sets up a very dangerous post-presidential environment for any president.

And given the catastrophic and cowardly debacle just executed by Joe Biden in Afghanistan, perhaps this one in particular. Or does Biden relish the idea of having a Republican-controlled congressional committee getting the green light from a Republican president to strip away all of his privilege requests to get to the bottom of how Biden abandoned thousands of Americans to the Taliban?

To paraphrase Breyer, karma will be a real beeyotch under those conditions, and not just for Biden. It might end up burning some of Biden’s advisers who can expect a longer time living with what the betrayal they perpetrated in Afghanistan. Even if Biden can be expected to indulge his desire for revenge against Trump, at least some of his advisers don’t follow Biden’s lead in playing checkers in a 3-D chess world. They know what the risks are if they set this precedent.

The madness over Gen. 'Righteous Strike' Milley's China phone calls (there's no longer any doubt they happened, but what was said is still debatable) has calmed down a bit. Also rom the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.17.21,  This Ain’t Hell  Milley Defends Calls To Red Chinese As “Perfectly Acceptable”. At NYPo, Gen. Milley claims China calls ‘perfectly within’ duties of his role.  I would say a promise of a warning is not acceptable, but let's wait and see what he testifies to the Senate. Howie Carr at the BH, Gen. Milley is now the Democrats’ latest crush and right on time, Tom Nichols at the Slantic, Trump Put Milley in an Impossible Position. Well then, he should have resigned. 

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