Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Beach Report 9/15/21

Another "Indian Summer" day here. Nearly 80 F, and not to breezy.
Yes, that water color is right. We seem to have a red or mahogany tide, and a lot of Sea Nettles, mostly small ones. It seems a little strange to me that we are now seeing so many small jellyfish later in the year.
This Osprey did a few low passes over the water, and then landed on the shore up the beach from us. You rarely see Ospreys on the beach; they mostly like to perch in trees or on poles of various sorts.
The neighborhood bully flies by.
Speaking of flying things, a CH47 - Chinook helicopter.
The Kudzu in in heavy bloom, the scent of grape bubblegum is in the air, and the fading blooms are piling up at the edge of the beach.
A catamaran passes by going up the Bay.
When we got back to the harbor there were at least Ospreys circling around in the sky. Maybe they're juveniles psyching each other up for the long trip south.
I tried for a good photo, and these were the best I got.

So I settled for this cormorant on marker #3.

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