Sunday, September 26, 2021

DIY Russiagate: Durhamgate and Beyond

Need to scrub the decks here.  It's been a week of so since Special Counsel John Durham indicted David Sussman, the Perkins Coie lawyer who, allegedly, went to the FBI with the Alfa Bank story, at the behest (and on the payroll) of the Clinton campaign, where he denied working for the campaign. triggering the "lying to the FBI" charge: 

The Durham Investigation

John Durham’s Opening Salvo | The American Spectator - USA News and Politics

5 False Narratives About The Spygate Indictment Of Michael Sussmann

The Sussmann Indictment Reads Like Overts Acts In Furtherance of a Conspiracy - Because That's What It Is. - by shipwreckedcrew - Shipwreckedcrew's Port-O-Call

‘A Very Well Laid-Out … Conspiracy Charge’: Kash Patel Says Sussmann Links Clinton, Fusion GPS And DOJ - The Daily Caller

Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History – PJ Media

Dirty Deeds Done Not Cheap - American Thinker

Eric Trump says Durham indictment revealed Clinton bankroll of Alfa Bank dirt - Washington Examiner

The Clinton Lawyer Indictment - Transterrestrial Musings

'Clinton indictment' blows Russia collusion conspiracy wide open, top GOP investigator says - Washington Examiner

GORDON: Durham Indictment In Russiagate Could Lead To Jake Sullivan - The Daily Caller

Did Jake Sullivan commit perjury? Emails reveal 'lie' on Trump

Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Tied to Alleged 2016 Clinton Scheme to Co-Opt the CIA and FBI to Tar Trump - RealClearInvestigations

How Durham Bombshell Made a ‘Birther’ Out of Me - American Thinker

The Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russiagate Wing of U.S. Media - by Glenn Greenwald - Glenn Greenwald

Sussmann indictment: "Bizarre coda," or harbinger of deep-state exposure? – HotAir

Where does John Durham go from here? - by Techno Fog - The Reactionary

Michael Sussmann case: Defense attorneys, judge have high-level Democratic connections - Washington Times

Judge in case of anti-Trump mudslinger is married to attorney for ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page -| Just The News

Don Surber: Why I don't have faith in John Durham

The Media Continues to Ignore Hillary’s Dirty Tricks - The American Spectator

Other "Russiagate" related articles.

Confirmed: The Obama DOJ Went Rogue to Spy on an Ex-Trump Campaign Official

Russiagate, More Like Watergate - by Matt Taibbi

The FBI’s Incurable Rot - American Greatness

Abolish the FBI - WSJ

Grassley To Block Bill That Would Prevent Oversight Of Corrupt Intel Agencies

How Old Friends In High Places Assembled The Russia Collusion Hoax

Senate Dems Tapped Soros-Funded Operative To Research Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Effort to spread discredited Russia collusion theory welcomed by McCain Senate panel, memos show | Just The News

It Gets Worse: Look Who Worked Together to Frame Donald Trump With Fake Russia Hoax – PJ Media

‘You Took It Hook, Line And Sinker’: Rand Paul Grills FBI Director Over 2016 Trump-Russia Investigation | The Daily Caller

'Actual malice': Courts greenlight Devin Nunes defamation lawsuits against mainstream media - Just The News

Appeals court reinstates Devin Nunes defamation lawsuit over reporter's tweet - Washington Examiner

Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times Over Illegally Obtained Tax Records - The Daily Caller

Trump sues New York Times and niece over story about his taxes - Just The News

Prosecutors pit Trump Organization dynasties against each other – HotAir

Wait Until He Gets to The Vaccine - The Last Refuge

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