Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rule 5 Saturday - I've Got a Blindspot for Jaimie Alexander

Ever since a nude, but heavily tattooed Jaimie Alexander emerged from a duffel bag, I've been trying to figure out what's going on in the show "Blindspot".

I've finally concluded it really doesn't matter, since the show was originated long after the shark jump, and isn't really much more than a vehicle to show the heavily tatted Alexander.
Jaimie Lauren Alexander (born Jaimie Lauren Tarbush; March 12, 1984) is an American actress. She is best known for portraying Jessi on the TV series Kyle XY and Sif in the 2011 superhero film Thor, its 2013 sequel, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Since 2015, she stars in the NBC series Blindspot.
Jaimie was injured pretty badly in a fall in the making of Thor II.
"I herniated a disk in my Thoracic spine, I dislocated my left shoulder, I tore my right Rhomboid, and chipped eleven of my vertebrae," Alexander said in an interview with MTV. "I slipped and fell down something very high, and I hurt my self pretty badly and it scared me. I knew when I couldn't get off the ground I was like 'OK, I'm in big trouble.'"
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Oh my!


  1. I've liked this actress ever since "Kyle", but Blindspot is a train wreck. The two principal stars have negative chemistry. And the FBI group routinely violates the law. Plus, like so many shows these days, it's a hotbed of left-wing propaganda. It is quite nearly unwatchable.

  2. Frankly, she does nothing for me. It's her face that turns me off.

    And train wreck is an understatement. I watched part of the first season and gave up. It is unwatchable. Most prime time shows are so heavily politicized and so supportive of moral depravity that nearly all of prime time television is unwatchable.

    And the news show. OMG. Lie on top of lie.