Monday, May 7, 2018

Beach Report 5/7/18

I had lunch early so Skye and I could get an early start down to the beach. It's a gorgeous day, after a cloudy and misty start, 65 and a bit breezy from the north. Georgia met us down at the beach, and we walked up past the cottages at Matoaka.
Not the best day for shark's teeth. Georgia was ahead 3 to 0 when I stumbled on this fine Snaggletooth in the surf line. We finished 4-4, but I claim a win on quality.
A big one going by out in the shipping channel.
The Gas Dock is unoccupied today, but there has been a steady stream of ships coming to get loads of liquefied natural gas for export. It's been under reconstruction to equip it for expert for a couple years now, and it's good to see it in operation.

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