Sunday, May 27, 2018

I'm Back from Fishing!

I had an Eastern Shore Islands fishing trip with Pete to celebrate the retirement of a fishing buddy. Six of us went, myself, Tom, his brother Jim, his daughter Laura, Andy and his dad Bob.

We saw these American Oystercatchers on one of the small islands, Spring Island I think, although it's hard to tell (Pete knows though, and that's all that's necessary).

A few birds were using the island, this Great Black-Backed Gull. The biggest seagull, this one is good news when they're diving on bait fish.  They didn't show us the way to anything today. though.
And a small colony of Brown Pelicans, only a hundred or so, who seem to have left their former digs on Bloodsworth Island.
Fishing was tough, but we did hit one slug of pretty good fish, where we got 3 fish over 28 inches, and one under. Large topwater lures over seagrass beds in shallow water were the ticket.

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