Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poor Canada. . .

The astonishing fact in the headline — the proliferation of what I’ve calledThe Feminist-Industrial Complex in higher education — is cited by Professor Janice Flamengo in her 15-minute YouTube video with the provocative title, “Women’s Studies Must Die.”

Women’s Studies programs “have no more place at a university than voodoo,” Professor Flamengo says, because “these courses are not about knowledge. They’re about theories of oppression and resistance,” many of them taught from radical Marxist, “queer” or postmodern perspectives. “The fundamental tenets of feminism are not up for debate” in Women’s Studies programs, as Professor Flamengo explains. As I have elsewhere noted, Women’s Studies courses are not about teaching facts, but instead are about training political activists. Cult mind-control methods are employed to induce students to accept “feminist consciousness,” which is essentially a religious faith in women’s universal victimhood under patriarchal oppression. Taxpayers are required to fund the higher education system where these beliefs are taught; feminism is thereby subsidized and approved as a matter of official government policy.
Yeah, it would be awful to to be Canadian and have your children indoctrinated by these harpies. I'm sure glad I live in the the good old USA, where nothing like that could ever happen. Oh, wait. . .
These programs in Canadian universities, she explains, employ hundreds of professors, both full-time and part-time, and when you consider that there are roughly 10 times as many Women’s Studies programs at U.S. colleges and universities (now on more than 700 campuses nationwide), you realize that there are now thousands of faculty whose primary occupation is indoctrinating students in feminist ideology.
I would vote for a presidential candidate who promised to make sure that any federal aid to feminist studies (as well as a number of other useless and actually counter-civilization) departments would never receive federal money.

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