Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mysterious 'Jackie' Forced to Testify Against Rolling Stone

‘Rolling Stone’s Sole Source for the False Tale of Rape’ Must Testify in Lawsuit
Jackie Coakley, the former University of Virginia student whose false story of a fraternity gang rape became the subject of a 2014 Rolling Stonestory, will now be compelled to tell the truth under oath:
A Virginia judge has ruled that the woman at the center of Rolling Stone’s discredited story about an alleged frat house gang rape must testify as part of a lawsuit against the magazine.
The woman identified only as “Jackie” will be deposed on Thursday by attorneys representing Rolling Stone and Nicole Eramo, the University of Virginia administrator who is suing the magazine and the author of the now-retracted article, Sabrina Rubin Erdely. . . .
Eramo, an associate dean of students at UVA, is suing Rolling Stone and Erdely for defamation over what she says was an unfair portrayal of her as an insensitive campus bureaucrat in the story. She is seeking $7.85 million in damages.
. . .
“Jackie was Rolling Stone’s sole source for the false tale of rape that it recklessly published. There were numerous red flags in Jackie’s account, which should have put Rolling Stone on notice that she was not a credible source for information,” Locke said. “Nevertheless, Rolling Stone was dead set on portraying Dean Eramo as a callous administrator who discouraged Jackie from reporting an assault to police — when in fact, it appears that Jackie knew that her tale of rape would not have stood up under real scrutiny and investigation. Had Rolling Stone done the fact-checking and digging that they were legally and ethically required to do as journalists, Dean Eramo would not have been so wrongfully targeted.” . . .
Rolling Stone also faces a $25 million suit from the UVA fraternity Phi Kappa Psi that was named in the article.
Three former frat members have also filed a suit against Rolling Stone, but have not specified an amount.
The liar Jackie Coakley has tried desperately to avoid telling the truth. Last week, the judge slapped down another one of her pathetic excuses.
Quite frankly, I have less sympathy for the UVA dean than I do for the students at Phi Kappa Psi, who were seriously maligned by both the press and the college administration, who shut down the fraternities for a while in response to the Rolling Stone allegations prompted by Jackie Coakley's fantastic tales. And Jackie should be facing civil and possibly criminal charges as well for the false report.

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