Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some Early Morning Fishing

Calvert Cliffs near Flag Ponds Park
Light snow was forecast for this morning, so when Pete called to see if I would help him check out the bite for chartering down at "Location X", Georgia thought I was crazy when I said yes.  The snow never materialized, and the amount of rain was quite tolerable. It was about 38 F out, with a 10 kt south-east wind that mostly died while we were out.
I wasn't watching the clock, but it must have been around 7:30 when we pulled up to the "rips," the warm water discharge of the nuclear power plant. About a million gallon of water per minute, heated 10 F above ambient is discharged into the bay. In spring, it can be very attractive to bait fish, and the big Striped Bass that feed on them.
We found a few. I think I counted 5 for me, and a similar number for Pete, with the biggest being in the low 30 inch range.  They weren't thick, but we caught them on and off for an hour.
We had almost no competition, except a few seagulls, loon, and couple of kids in the small boat, who we managed to play bumper cars with anyway.
Pete's "Chiller Killer" was a nice perk today. There's no point in one on my small open boat. With my Float Coat and padded jeans I was plenty warm, but this is nice for the fingers.

After the bite slacked to nothing, I was back home sipping coffee by 9:30.

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