Monday, January 4, 2016

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Another free style attempt. Some quick review of the corporate model.  Bill Clinton Made $8 Million From Speeches To Companies With Matters Pending Before Hillary's State Dept. That's personal walking around money, above and beyond his predsidential pension, and any accrued interest from Hillary's cattle future investments. Money just seems to fall on these people. Just the incredible, amazing, astonishing coincidences of Secretary of State Clinton. Just call it Hillary Clinton’s $13M fail as Secretary of State.
At her confirmation hearing, questioners raised the issue of her hubby’s global business. Hillary vowed to take “extraordinary steps . . . to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Count 13 million record fails for those “extraordinary steps.”
She avoided the appearance of a conflict of interest with actual conflicts of interest?

Looking into the wayback machine to the end of the last Clinton era for the Millennials in the crowd: Clinton Reaches Deal to Avoid Indictment and to Give Up Law License. That was Bill giving up his right to practice law (I mean, did you ever really expect him to go back to work) as a result of lying under oath. The Justice system depends on lawyers and other officers of the court not lying in legal proceedings. Bill Clinton violated that oath. Speaking of lying, Hillary is still lying about what she told families of the Benghazi victims, and accusing them of lying about whether she told them the video was responsible for the attack on the Benghazi embassy.

Another tidbit picked out of Hillary's latest email tranche,  Merkel despised ‘Obama phenomenon’, raising my opinion of Angela Merkel, not that it was that high to begin with. But Here’s the bottom line of the Hillary email dump from the New York Post editorial board, in its entirety (it just too good to chop). My bold.
The content of the Hillary Clinton emails released New Year’s Eve doesn’t matter nearly so much as what the State Department held back: It found 275 of the messages to contain classified info — in two cases, “Secret” information.

The total so far is 1,274 classified emails, debunking Clinton’s claims that she never sent or received such info on the account run from the private, unsecured server in her home.

Her fallback defense is that nothing was marked “classified.” Yet all State employees are warned that some stuff is “born classified.” That covers the redactions in the latest dump — info from other governments or concerning US policy on other governments.

Clinton put her personal control of access to her correspondence above basic security protocols — and when caught, she still exercised that control to destroy thousands of other messages she thought best to keep secret.

Her wants come first; her sworn obligations, a distant second — then, now and always. That’s the real bottom line of her record at State.
Did the Clinton campaign really pick a child to read a question to her off cue cards? It sure looks that way:
The scent of chlorophyl was strong as a young boy approached Hillary Clinton at a town hall in New Hampshire holding a note card. Clinton put her arm around the boy’s shoulder as he read aloud from the card: “When you become president, what is your plan to connect mental health problems and guns to make sure that me, my brothers, and my friends are safe from violence at school?”
Look at the video. Does that kid look like he wrote that sentence? Well, parrots can speak too, right?

Remember a few days ago how Hillary claimed that Trump was being used in ISIS recruiting videos, and it turned out, there were no examples found, but there were examples with Bill Clinton and others? So embarrassing that ABC News Now Says Hillary Clinton PREDICTED Trump Would Be Used In ISIS Videos. My, Her Majesties robes are holding up well. Of course, now, probably reacting to Hillary's assertion, one Islamic Group FINALLY Uses Donald Trump in Video.  So, can we call Hillary Clinton one of al-Shabab (an Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia) media advisers? I think so.

And the Bill Cosby indictment continues to resonate unfavorably to the Clinton's. As Republicans Compare Bill Clinton To Bill Cosby, Comedian Previously Endorsed Hillary For Senate. Between Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby, Hillary certainly seems to attract a certain type, doesn't she? But don't confront her about her record with abusers, that's heckling: Rep. who asks Hillary about Bill’s past labeled a ‘heckler’ and ‘disrupter’,  like disrupting Hillary's long march on the White House isn't a good thing.

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