Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympics Babe of the Day

I decided to try something different this year, to keep the Olympic babes all on a single page, and refer to that. Will this be a daily feature, or just whenever the mood strikes? Can't tell you that yet.

My first entry, Vanessa Mae, representing Thailand in alpine skiing:

First up, courtesy of my friend from Thailand GOODSTUFF, who is promoting Vanessa Mae.  While I knew she was an accomplished (and good looking) violinist, I wasn't aware that she is also an alpine skier, and is representing Thailand at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Life ain't fair, some people get all the talent.

I didn't even know Thailand had mountains with snow. I thought the national sport was mud wrestling with pythons. And she'd look good doing that too.

Linked at Wombat-socho's majestic catch up edition of Rule 5 Sunday (well, Monday, really), "Rule 5 Monday: A Double-Stuffed Presidential Collection."

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