Friday, February 28, 2014

Bright and Brutal Beach Walk

A truly beautiful, and yet brutal day at the beach. The temperature struggled all day to reach 20 F, while the wind died from 20 to about 10 mph. Dang, it's cold out there.
 It wasn't much of a day for fossils, but I did stumble on this spinal disc, presumably from a dolphin or whale.  A few teeth, too, but nothing special
Oh, look, somebody exploded a nuclear bomb over the Eastern Shore!  No, just a marsh fire. They set them deliberately to "renew" the marsh. It makes them green up nicely, but, sadly, it keeps them from laying down new peat which helps them keep up with sea level rise.
It's cold enough that the Bay water is starting to freeze into slush, and the slush is being piled up on the shore.  If it goes on much longer, we could get some interesting formations on the beach.

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