Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Democrat Comes Clean on Immigration

Florida Democrat: Without immigration reform, where will we get our landscapers and maids?

. . .Sink’s problem is that it sounds at first blush like she’s griping that she might not be able to find cheap help to clean her home. How much is she going to have to fork over if we pass on immigration reform and she’s forced to hire a citizen to scrub her toilet? That’s not what she’s saying, though; she’s talking about landscapers and maids needed to staff local hotels, in case that makes you feel better. Perish the thought that any politician might have self-interested reasons for supporting amnesty. Now, if only we can get a Republican to repeat this verbatim, maybe it’ll gain some outrageous-outrage traction in the media. Any takers? Haley?
I don't know about landscapers and maids, since we haven't employed any, but I do know that the local contractor who did our roof had a whole crew of Hispanics (El Salvadoran, I suspect, that being the default in the DC area). I also saw a whole wing of a federal building being constructed by dark skinned people with a poor command of English.  I would rather have paid more to have a crew of "down on their luck" red blooded Americans males (or even females if they were so inclined) to do the work, although I suspect they wouldn't have been as fast, as clean or as polite. But without immigration control we'll never find enough American's willing to compete with the low cost immigrants, particularly while unemployment is heavily subsidized, and if we give the immigrants SNAP and healthcare they'll not be inclined to go home to cutting bananas.

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