Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Thanks to. . .

. . .Whoever purchased the two "Fruit and Veggie Bowls with Built In Ice Pack" through the Amazon link on the right hand side of the blog, as well as the six people who ordered Capt. Ed's newest book, "Poop, Booze and Bikinis." including three who bought it after the introductory period for the full price of $2.99 (still well worth it). This officially makes me a "professional blogger", with all the duties, rights and privileges that thereunto pertain.  Or something like that.

Note that these links, and the links on the Amazon widgets on the right, go through the Amazon Associates portal for this blog.  If you enjoy this blog, please consider doing your Amazon shopping through the links on the blog, and help support the blog; it won't add a cent to your costs.  And if not my blog, there are others equally worthy of support.

Now to go roll in all my new found blog money...

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