Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fish Finds Use for Bicycle

Quit hitting on me and help me out

Politicians, chief executives, professionals, managers, specialists, even the odd journalist.
Is chivalry dead?

The cynic in me finds the whole experience bemusing. I mentioned this to a friend who works in politics and is also a 6am veteran. He said, “I told you. Everyone falls in love with girls on these domestic flights.”

He's guilty of the odd pick-up line, too.

When I mentioned how ridiculous the whole scenario is, he said, “Yep. This is why I always say Mad Men would have been a more interesting show if it had been about how much things HADN'T changed, not how much they had”.

And yet ...

Has anyone ever helped pop my bag up into the overhead compartment? Nope. Have I seen any other woman helped? Nope.

This week, an engineer in his 50s just stood there in the aisle, his hands clasped, as I played Olympic weight-lifting with my suitcase right in front of him. Just stood there, looking intently at the sticky carpet. Probably afraid to chip a nail or something.

Has the women's liberation movement really scared the bejesus out of men this much?

When did it become chivalrous to steadfastly look away and not bother to help?

I thought women need men like fish needed bicycles? So pedal.

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