Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Naked Weathercast

If nothing else, Doria Tillier is a woman of her word.

The 27-year-old French news broadcaster promised ahead of a decisive World Cup game between the French national team and Ukraine that she would present the weather naked if France made it through the night.

“I promise you that if we qualify tonight for the World Cup, I vow – here, in front of the whole of France – that I will tomorrow do my forecast naked,” she said, according to The Telegraph
She won...

Kind of a disappointment, eh? You can do better by watching almost any Latin American TV weather report. There are a ton of them on YouTube. Who cares that they're weather reports for weather that's already happened, and in a language you may not understand?

115 video's of Hot Latin Weather girls. If I watch long enough, will I eventually learn to speak Spanish? Probably not. But it might be worth the effort.

Then there are the Taiwanese Weather Girls (who seem to have morphed into the "Today's Angels"):

And I haven't even figured out where this one is from (Greece?).

After that, Sue Palka just doesn't cut it. And today's weather sucks anyway.

Over at The Other McCain, Wombat-Socho has posted the weekly master list  "Rule 5 Sunday: Quiet Splendor."

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