Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Marvelous Saffron Burrows

This week's Rule 5 extravaganza goes for Saffron Burrows, a British actress best known for  Deep Blue Sea (1999), Enigma (2001)(NSFW link), Troy (2004), Reign Over Me (2007) and The Bank Job (2008) and The Guitar (2008) (NSFW link).  She has also been active in TV, with recent roles in The Crazy Ones and, Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
She started as a model, which seems to be a familiar career arc now, acting being something you can do after the looks start to fade a little and the calls don't come as often.
Her personal life is, well, complicated.
For a number of years, Burrows was involved with film director Mike Figgis, and starred in some of his films, including Miss Julie. She was involved with bisexual actor Alan Cumming for several years, while Cumming was separated from his wife. She was romantically linked with Irish actress Fiona Shaw. The two appeared together in the National Theatre's production of The PowerBook, a play based on the novel of the same name by Jeanette Winterson, in which they played lovers.

In 2006, the Independent on Sunday listed Burrows as the 90th most influential gay person in the UK. In a 2003 interview, actor Alan Cumming said, "I was really lucky that the first relationship I had after [my divorce] was with Saffron, who's really... understanding and a broadminded person. And who's now, as I'm sure you know ... well, she bats for both teams too."

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