Monday, November 18, 2013

Stalking the Wild Buckeye at the Beach

I spent most of the morning at the retinal surgeon's office, a check up after the laser surgery to tack down a retinal tear in my left eye over a year ago.  No additional damage was found, but I still had to drive home wearing my ultra-dark post surgery glasses because both eyes were fully dilated for the check.  It was well after noon before the dilation wore off and I could bear to go outside in the bright sun again.
And bright sun it was.  Another stunningly clear  day, with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, and a 15 kt west wind barely rippling the Bay on this side.   However, I saw this Buckeye in the dunes on the way down to the beach. This was the best photo I could get before it took off. But Georgia got a long head start on tooth collecting.
To no avail, since neither of us found a single tooth on the whole walk.  However, if you look down long enough, you will find something, and I did find this lovely isopod on the beach.
When we arrived back at the dunes, the Buckeye, or his close relative, was still moving around the dunes, and I managed to get this photo.  I'm a little surprised we still are finding butterflies.  We've had our first hard freeze in the last week, and the Kudzu, at least, is starting to look pretty sad.

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