Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaves and Butterflies at Home

Yesterday, I mowed/blew the leaves off the yard with the riding mower.  After a little rain, and a lot of wind overnight, you could hardly see the difference.  November is a pretty month, but the leaves are just plain overwhelming sometimes.
We still have some Cloudless Sulphurs visiting the Sage plants in the front yard, when the temperature gets up above 60 or so, and the flowers are in the sun
I finally resorted to desperate measures to see the top side of one of them, as they always hold their wings closed while alit. I snuck up and grabbed one and held it by it's legs so I could try to get a photo as it flapped.  Pretty plain really, a nice solid yellow with one spot on the front wings, and a black scalloped edge.
 There has also been a smaller, more orange butterfly hanging around, but it rarely alights, so it's hard to get a picture.  Most likley it is a Clouded Sulphur or an Orange Sulphur.  I did manage to get one photo while in flight.  See it?
There it is, dead center.  Interesting how the wings flex in flight, but not much use for identification purposes.

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