Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baghdad Bob to Wed Obamacare Website Girl...

...and produce a whole family of media flacks.  I have it on good authority that Jay Carney is one of theirs, brought back from the future.
Girl from the Obamacare Website and Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, who goes by the name Baghdad Bob, will tie the knot at a date to be determined in the future, but definitely well after November 30 , 2013.

The bride was, until recently, the public face of, the Obamacare exchange website. Her age is unknown, but her birthday is on the 12th of Never, which coincidentally, is when is supposed to function properly. Her father Richard manufactured Ford Edsels, and her late mother Delores piloted the Hindenburg.

The groom is 73 years old , but insists that he is 26. He was, for many years, the foreign minister of Iraq, and then the minister of information for the late president Saddam Hussein, whom Mr. Bob claims is still in power. Mr. Bob’s late father Billy was the founder and president of the Dewey Actually Did Defeat Truman Society (DADDT), which is dedicated to showing that contrary to most historical accounts, Thomas Dewey was the winner of the 1948 presidential election. His mother Margaret is still alive, and runs an online magazine claiming that between 1908 and the present year, the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series forty-seven separate times...

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