Friday, November 15, 2013

Your Morning Obamacare Schadenfreude

Yesterday, Jonah Goldberg at the National Review Online published the definitive Obamacare schadenfreude article, in advance of the President's speech which basically announced that the law wasn't working as written, was null and void, and that he is going to wing it personally until his term expires:

Obamacare Schadenfreudarama: It feels pretty good to watch the whole thing fail. 
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the unraveling of Obamacare.

First, the obligatory caveats. It is no laughing matter that millions of Americans’ lives have been thrown into anxious chaos as they lose their health insurance, their doctors, their money, or all three. Nor is it particularly amusing to think of the incredible waste of time and tax dollars that has gone into Obamacare’s construction. And the still-unfolding violence that this misbegotten legislation will visit on the economy and our liberties is not funny either. This very magazine has been downright funereal about the brazen and unconstitutional seizure of one-sixth of the economy, and rightly so.

But come on, people.

If you can’t take some joy, some modicum of relief and mirth, in the unprecedentedly spectacular beclowning of the president, his administration, its enablers, and, to no small degree, liberalism itself, then you need to ask yourself why you’re following politics in the first place. Because, frankly, this has been one of the most enjoyable political moments of my lifetime. I wake up in the morning and rush to find my just-delivered newspaper with a joyful expectation of worsening news so intense, I feel like Morgan Freeman should be narrating my trek to the front lawn. Indeed, not since Dan Rather handcuffed himself to a fraudulent typewriter, hurled it into the abyss, and saw his career plummet like Ted Kennedy was behind the wheel have I enjoyed a story more.
 Read the whole thing.

Stacy McCain also has a good one today:

No one can remember a policy disaster quite like this. Every day brings multiple new bad-news headlines. We could compare the sudden and seemingly permanent debacle of ObamaCare to the way the insurgency in Iraq sapped President Bush’s second-term popularity, but there are obvious differences between the two situations: We invaded Iraq after a long public debate, and after the policy was authorized by Congress on a bipartisan vote, whereas ObamaCare was rammed through Congress on a party-line vote with the Democrat Speaker of the House saying she had to pass the bill so we could know what was in it.

Democrats own ObamaCare exclusively, and so its failure — which is even more self-evident than was the failure of Bush’s Iraq policy — threatens to inflict permanent political damage. A few headlines
As Joe Curl says, Obama will try to turn this around by blaming insurance companies and Republican opposition for the failure of his policy and, at some point, the liberal media will line up in lockstep to parrot the Democrat talking points. Yet all the White House spin and all the media sycophancy in the world cannot hide the abject failure of ObamaCare, and Democrats will pay the political price next November.
One hopes, but as has been said before, the Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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