Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'Toxic Little Queens' at MSNBC Rethink Baldwin Return

Evil Blogger Lady calls attention to the shocking news — shocking! — that the network suits aren’t eager for a return to Baldwinism:
Alec Baldwin is not welcome back at MSNBC because of his infamous angry behavior, network insiders say — including complaining that “the air at 30 Rock is too dry.”

Sources exclusively tell us that MSNBC chiefs are not exactly falling over themselves to get boisterous Baldwin back in the building. One insider said, “He would only show up at work an hour a week to prep for the show, and when he did turn up, he was in an angry mood, red-faced, and shouting at all the staff. And he said the air at 30 Rock was too dry, it was bad for his voice, he needed a humidifier.” . . .

According to, Baldwin’s last show hit a demo low, pulling in only 101,000 viewers aged 25 to 54 against 395,000 total viewers — a 41 percent drop from the 172,000 viewers 25 to 54 who watched the Oct. 11 debut. MSNBC suspended Baldwin this month after he hurled an anti-gay slur at a paparazzo. He apologized, “I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words.”
Moral of the story: You can’t be an overbearing egomaniacal a–hole on TV unless you deliver good ratings.
I think the rule of thumb at MSNBC is you can say almost anything shitty about a Republican woman, but don't dare cast any aspersions at our only reliable target audience, gay liberals. I think they need a lot more of Alec, as he reveals they way they think emote more than anyone else on staff.  It's the only thing I can imagine comparing the treatment of Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin.  Bashir doesn't exactly draw a monstrous audience, either.

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