Saturday, November 16, 2013

Great Moments in Liberal Civility

Liberals are better than you and me because . . . they’re liberals.

So after Sarah Palin said something about the national debt comparing its burden on future generations to slavery, Martin Bashir read from the diary of an overseer on an 18th-century plantation in Jamaica (??) to justify saying something very hateful:

– Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters

– Tim Stanley, London Telegraph

Martin Bashir is better than you and me, and so is Alec Baldwin.

You know why. And also, shut up, hater.
I don't trust my audience to either check the links or know the news quite well enough to know that liberal entertainer icon Alex Baldwin is in trouble for the umpteenth time for going into a rage and calling someone a c__ck s_cking f_g! I think you can figure out what he said from that. Unfortunately for him, in his Hollyweird milieu, it's a better than even chance that the subject of the rant actually is one, and is therefore entitled to take offense, under their rather bizarre code of conduct.  The crime was so egregious that MSNBC was forced to take extreme action; a two day suspension of his commentator gig...

I do however, distinguish between the two offenses.  Bartin Mashir is supposed to be a serious journolist, at least as serious as MSNBC gets, for interviewing celebrity subjects, while Smart Alec is merely an former high school football star, undereducated in anything other than acting, over exposed actor with not much going for him but an engaging twinkle in his eye, and a foul mouth into which he often inserts his foot.

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