Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MSNBC Gets Rid of One Obnoxious A$$hole, Keeps Another

As we may or may not care or remember, a while back, Alex Baldwin, the left wing moon bat actor and TV personality (I love the Viking commercials) recently got into hot water, when he reputedly lost his temper at a paparazzi and called him cocksucking faggot.  This earned him a two week suspension from his once a week gig as a political commentator at MSNBC, which appears to have quietly become permanent.  Two takes on this:

Not surprisingly, Stacy McCain is less than charitable...

Alec Baldwin MSNBC Show Cancelled, Disappointing Dozens of Viewers
Those c*cksucking f*gs at the low-rated liberal network have cancelled the low-rated show of the obnoxious blowhard, and it’s important that I report this, because otherwise nobody would notice.
I would try to condense the post, but that's it.

While Ann Alhouse, who likes him, at at least as an actor, makes some excuses for him...

Who killed Alec Baldwin's TV show? 
So, it wasn't just the use of the epithet on the street, it was inside stuff, staff versus star. The star felt entitled to use hairspray, and the staff member trumped him with her cancer. Her sensitivity, premised on cancer, is obviously — in the larger scheme of things — more important than his frivolous vanity over his hair, but in the production of a TV show, getting the on-camera talent to look right is actually more important than accommodating a particular employee's needs. If she can't work around hairspray, she shouldn't have a job in the room where the hair is being done.
Yes, kick him around for having "cocksucking faggot" in his head where it could pop out when he was trapped and fighting on the street, but don't fire him. We're left with the most boring and bland people blabbing on TV, including MSNBC's own little snake Martin Bashir.
Which does, indeed bring us back around to the essential double standard at MSNBC, a color commentator like Baldwin can be let go for a casual off the cuff comment in a moment of rage, while Martin Bashir, the so-called journalist, can get get away with wishing that someone would forcibly shit in Sarah Palin's mouth, on air, in a clearly though out, and scripted performance.

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